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Service Description

Welcome to the future of medical training with Mibio IQ! Our cutting-edge approach combines IoT, Cloud, and AI technologies to revolutionize hands-on surgical education. PROCESS You Select: ⬥ Your focus region ⬥ Devices or prototypes of choice ⬥ General surgical technique ⬥ Number of participants (up to 30) ⬥ PARTICIPANTS may be across business units ⬥ Preferred dates ⬥ Preferred contact person We Prepare: ⬥ Custom dry lab model ⬥ SENSOR configuration (customization available) ⬥ Sensor real-time DASHBOARD configuration ⬥ Participant's login credentials ⬥ Custom data landing page with new DASHBOARD Event: ⬥ CUSTOM time-frame to meet your needs (1, 3, or 5 day sessions) ⬥ Comprehensive R&D session ⬥ Post-event data analysis ⬥ Detailed R&D summary report FEATURES ⬥ On-Site training for up to 30 participants ⬥ Participant access to cloud data ⬥ Access to all participant data and insights for organizers ⬥ Access to AI: FDA 510K and MAUDE training tools ⬥ Access to AI: Journal performance metrics CUSTOM OPTION: ⬥ Tailored sensors ⬥ Custom dashboards ⬥ Personalized R&D pages ENHANCED INSIGHTS: ⬥ In-Depth data analytics ⬥ Advanced insights beyond standard data Perfect for R&D and Product Development Projects requiring data science expertise. Experience a new era in medical training with Mibio's IoT, Cloud, and AI technologies. Ideal for residents, fellows, surgeons, hospitals, and device training programs. Don't just discuss CME tech—demonstrate it with Mibio IQ!

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy : In the rare event that the client or organization needs to cancel a scheduled training event, the following policy applies: Notification: The client or organization will provide prompt notification of the cancellation to all registered participants. Down Payment: The down payment made by participants during registration is non-refundable in the event of client or organization-initiated cancellations. Protection of Mibio Medical, LLC's Time and Resources: Mibio Medical, LLC places paramount importance on preserving its resources and commitments. Therefore, Mibio Medical, LLC reserves the right to determine and offer alternative arrangements based on its discretion. These may include rescheduling the event to a mutually agreed-upon date or other suitable options, ensuring the efficient use of Mibio Medical, LLC's time and resources. Participants' down payments will be carried forward to the rescheduled event or applied to the alternative arrangement, as deemed appropriate by Mibio Medical, LLC. Participant Rights: The client or organization acknowledges the importance of participant commitment and the inconvenience of cancellations. Any additional costs incurred by participants, such as travel or accommodation expenses, will be addressed by Mibio Medical, LLC on a case-by-case basis, with a focus on equitable solutions. This policy underscores the client's or organization's commitment to protecting Mibio Medical, LLC's time and resources while providing alternative arrangements to participants, all in the interest of efficient and effective training services.

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